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Enamelware Tray & Teapot
Painted Cups & Bowls. Vintage 9 pc. Painted 16" Tray, 7 1/2" tall Teapot, four 3" handled cups, three 6 1/2" bowls & 2 lids; Green w/red & orange with grape leaves, Very good condition w/some wear to edges, minor chips, all matching set 1940's - 1950's. $65/set

White & Red Coffee Boiler w/ Handle
9" Coffee Pot. White enamel, red trim on the bottom edge, handle and lid handle. Very good condition, shiny & clean, only faint yellow tint inside bottom, small chip on white top of handle, 2 worn spots on bottom, wire bail w/red wood handle. $52

Cream & Green Lid
8 3/8" edge to edge underneath, 7 1/4" underneath rim. Worn areas on top of handle and on top edge and underneath edge, otherwise good condition. $7.

9" lid also available. $4 

Black Enamel Roaster
2 pc. Black Enamel with white string design. Bottom pan measures 14" by 10 1/2" and stands 6 1/2" tall with lid. Very good condition with some rubs on bottom and a paint smear on one area of the side.  Shiny with no noticeable chips or scratches. $22 


*We have many more fine pieces in inventory.  Email us for more information.