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Grey Swirl Coffee Boiler
12" tall, 9 1/2" diameter on bottom; Shiny condition with no burns or major chips, normal wear to bottom and top edge, Small chip on knob of lid, wire bail with black wood handle, detachable lid. 1900-1940's. $72

Grey Mottled Strainer
Handled strainer.  6" in diameter, 2 1/2" tall with kettle hook opposite handle. Good Condition with one large enamel chip on outside ad several small chips inside and out and roughness around top edge. 1920-1940's. $22

Grey Mottled Muffin Pan
Six Muffin Pan. 8" by 11 1/2". Very good condition no chips just wear on the edges and some brown stain under bottom edge, bubble holes on bottom where cups are attached original to molding, very shiny. 1920-1940's. $25

Grey Mottled Pie Pan
9 7/8" Granite Pie Pan
in very good condition.  Two rubs on the outside bottom and rub on the top edge with 2 spots inside bottom, nice shine. $18


*We have many more fine pieces in inventory.  Email us for more information.